Exhaust Shops in Bel Air

Bippers Automotive has been one of the leading exhaust shops in Bel Air Since 1984, now in located in Fallston.  If you need affordable exhaust system work, piping, or VEIP repairs contact us.

We offer

[x] Muffler Repairs – including Pipe Welding and patches

[x] Pipe Bending

[x] Exhaust System Replacements

[x] Custom Exhaust Systems

[x] VEIP Repairs and diagnostics

custom pipe bending

We are one of the last well known fully Exhaust Shops near Bel Air who is able to offer “Muffler Repairs”, “Exhaust Systems”, and “Custom Muffler Pipe Bending”.    Since 1984 we have been proudly providing amazing service.  Even local auto dealers trust us with their exhaust work on cars they bring in for sale.